PDF of Teaching Portfolio, including Student Evaluations




Harvard University, Committee on Degrees in Social Studies: 

 Lecturer, 2019-Present

As a lecturer on social studies, I am responsible for teaching a sophomore tutorial in which we analyze each week’s reading and lecture. I also design and teach a junior tutorial. For both courses I am responsible for supporting students in critiquing theoretical texts, developing their own written work, written feedback, grading, and student advising.  

The Many Faces of Tyranny (Fall 2019, Junior Tutorial)

Introduction to Social Studies (Fall 2019, Sophomore Tutorial)

UC Berkeley, Political Science Department:

 Head Instructor, 2018

 As head instructor for these courses, I created the syllabi, lectured three times a week, meet with students weekly and advise my teaching assistants on a weekly basis about how to run their classes as well as how to evaluate the students’ work. 

Renaissance & Early Modern History of Political Thought (Fall 2018, 108 Students)

History of Modern Political Thought (Spring 2018, 162 Students)

Teaching Assistant, 2012-2017

As a teaching assistant, I was responsible for two weekly classes of 27 students each in which I reviewed the week’s lectures and assigned reading as well as leading the class in collaborative small group learning exercises. I was also responsible for grading all papers and exams and giving extensive written feedback to students and working with them to improve their work. 

Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (Fall 2017, 54 Students)
Guest lecture: “Aristotle’s Constitutions (Politics Book IV Chs 2-4; 8-12)”

Ancient Political Thought (Fall 2014 and Fall 2012, 54 Students)
Guest lecture: “Plato’s Republic Book II”

Early Modern History of Political Thought (Spring 2014, 54 Students)
Guest lecture: “Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan and the laws of nature”

Gender and International Human Rights (Fall 2013, 54 Students)

 Introduction to Political Theory (Spring 2013, 54 Students)
Guest lecture: “Susan Moller Okin’s critique of Rawls”

 Tufts University, Political Science Department:

 Teaching Assistant, 2008-2009

 For these courses I held bi-weekly review sessions, weekly office hours, and graded papers and exams for Professor Robert Devigne. 

 Introduction to Modern Political Thought (Spring 2009, Spring 2008, )
Rousseau’s Political Philosophy (Spring 2009)
Nietzsche’s Political Philosophy (Fall 2008)
Liberalism and Its Critics (Fall 2008)