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                                                                          ROSEMARIE WAGNER
PhD Candidate, Dept. of Political Science                                            rosemariewagner@berkeley.edu
University of California, Berkeley                                                                       rosemariewagner.com
                                                                                                                                                   (858) 922-7797         




May 2019 (expected)               Ph.D. in Political Science, UC Berkeley: 
                                                     Designated Emphasis in Renaissance and
                                                     Early Modern Studies
Sept 2016- June 2017              Exchange Scholar, University of Chicago
                                                    Host Advisor: Professor Jennifer Pitts, Political Science
May 2012                                M.A. in Political Science, UC Berkeley
Sept 2010                                M.Sc. in Political Theory, London School of Economics
May 2008                                B.A. in Philosophy & Political Science, Tufts University


Laws Living and Armed: the Political and Legal Theory of Thomas Hobbes

Dissertation Committee: 
Kinch Hoekstra (Chair), Wendy Brown, Shannon Stimson, Victoria Kahn, Daniel Lee


 2018                “Legal Science and Thomas Hobbes,” APSA
2018                “Legal Punishment and Obligation,” European Hobbes Society Conference, University of Amsterdam.
2017                “Equity and Legal Battles for Political Authority,” APSA
2016                “Hobbes, Equity, and Arbitrary Will,” Oxford University Political Theory Workshop
2016                “What did Equity Mean?” History of Political Ideas Early Careers Seminar, Institute for Historical Research, London UK
2016                “Thomas Hobbes on Legal Authority and Judicial Power,” Western Political Science Association
2016                “Limits of Law,” UC Berkeley Hobbes Workshop
2015                “What are the rules of law?”  Thomas Hobbes on Reason and Passions, Law and Politics Conference, Center for British Studies, UC Berkeley
2014                “Thomas Hobbes on the rules of law,” Graduate Conference, Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Program, UC Berkeley 




Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Political Science Dept.

2018                Renaissance and Early Modern Political Thought
2018                Modern Political Thought

Teaching Assistant, UC Berkeley, Political Science Dept.

2017                Ancient and Medieval Political Thought, Prof. Daniel Lee
2014               Ancient Political Thought, Prof. Kinch Hoekstra
2014               Early Modern Political Thought, Prof. Shannon Stimson
2013               Introduction of Political Theory, Prof. Sarah Song
2013               Gender and International Human Rights, Prof. Helen Silverberg
2012               Ancient Political Thought, Prof. Kinch Hoekstra

Teaching Assistant, Tufts University, Political Science Dept., for Prof. Rob Devigne

2009               Introduction to Modern Political Thought
2009               Rousseau’s Political Philosophy
2008               Nietzsche’s Political Philosophy
2008               Liberalism and Its Critics 




2018                Clark Library Fellowship, Center for Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Studies, UCLA
2015-2016       Graduate Division's Doctoral Completion Fellowship, UC Berkeley
2011-2016       Departmental Fellowship, Political Science, UC Berkeley
2012                Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, UC Berkeley



2014                Graduate Student Representative, Political Theory Search Committee
2014                Thomas Hobbes on Reason and Passions, Law and Politics Conference, Center for British Studies, UC Berkeley, Co-organizer
2012-2013       Center for British Studies Graduate Conference in History of British Political Thought,  UC Berkeley, Co-organizer and host